Content Ethics

Legal Content Ethics

Editorial content syndicated via Strossle must be based on objective and deliberate journalism. Therefore we want Content Partners to follow the ethics and the rules set out below.

  • Content Providers must follow the press law and the professional standards set out in their respective markets.
  • Strossle does not accept sexist or racist statements or defamatory attitudes towards other cultures or religions.
  • Great caution is required in stories with children and young people (up to 18 years). The basic policy is that parents should have permitted participation.
  • Strossle has a restrictive approach when it comes to showing close-ups of dead or wounded people.
  • Anecdotal evidence and rumours should be avoided.
  • Manipulated movies and photos will not be accepted, unless it is clearly stated that this is a montage or illustration.
  • Sensation Journalism, with violence or sex does not belong with Strossle.
  • Strossle respects copyright and does not want to see content that violates it.