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We help publishers battle the Facebook-Google duopoly through collaboration.

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Together publishers are strong. By joining Strossle you will be part of an advanced, automated, data driven network of partners. Publishers will share and be shared across hundreds of sites reaching millions of potential new users – without cost.


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We help publishers optimize content distribution, connect with new audiences and grow native ad revenues.


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We recommend your content on the best digital media properties to make sure your stories get the audience they deserve.

Strossle provides our readers with personal content recommendations and more relevant ads. It's a key component in our digital business development.

Emil DanielssonMittmedia

Strossle Visitor Accelerator is a great complement to Facebook. The visitors consume more they stay longer and have a lower bounce rate.

Fredrik LundbergNews 55

Strossle is one of the best distribution channels we have used for our content and we will use them regularly from now.

Nicklas MattssonConfederation of Swedish Enterprise

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Collaboration Superpower – How Publishers can Balance the Duopoly

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