About Strossle

Strossle is a young, fast growing media tech company, helping publishers to optimize content distribution and personalize the user experience. We use machine learning technologies to make sure every media user is presented to an optimal mix of content. This is Artificial Intelligence for media.

Our team is extremely passionate about media and has extensive experience from all sides of the industry. Born and bred in Stockholm, Sweden, we are now delivering our services on a global basis.


Our mission

We’re here to make publishers future proof. We know that media production and consumption are fragmenting. We know that advertisers struggle to find relevant reach and impact. Let’s use the smartest possible technologies to solve those challenges together!


A few milestones

2013 January - Company founded in Stockholm

2013 February - GP.se becomes first customer

2013 August - Malmö office opens with product development

2013 November - Installed by 100 publishers

2014 January - First ad campaigns delivered

2014 February - Installed by 200 publishers

2014 May - Oslo office opens

2014 June - Funding by Spintop and ALMI

2014 October - Installed by 300 publishers

2015 January - Amsterdam office opens

2015 February - Installed by 400 publishers

2015 March - Copenhagen office opens

2015 April - Madrid office opens

2015 June - Installed by 500 publishers

2015 August - Acquisition of text analysis experts Saplo

2015 August - Name change from Sprinkle to Strossle

2015 November - Helsinki office opens

2015 December - Launch of Strossle.it Visitor Accelerator

2016 February - Installed by 700 publishers

2016 March - Bratislava office opens

2016 April - Budapest office opens

2016 May - Milan office opens

2016 September - Installed by 1000 publishers

2016 November - Awarded "Native Advertising Platform of the Year"

Our team

Ruxandra Bocaciu

Publisher Account Director

+46 731 438 764

Anna Holmquist

Country Manager Sweden

+46 70 980 23 11

Rickard Lawson

Country Manager Norway

+47 916 012 03

Thomas Haug Hartmann

Country Manager Denmark

+45 232 934 90

Eric Ariëns

Country Manager Benelux

Kimmo Vihanto

Country manager Finland

Peter van Kol

Country Manager Hungary


Filip Kuna

Managing director for Slovakia & Czech Republic

Henrik Varga

Country Manager Spain

+34 638 262 462

Dan van Wijk


Federico Carbonari

Customer Support Manager

+46 739 562 289

David Lind

Sales Sweden

Carmen Aparicio

Sales Spain

Susan Akici

Sales Spain

Patrik Mališ

Country manager Czech Republic

Peter Tall


Rufael Negash


Bengt Holm


Fredrik Bondza


Joakim Stenberg


Anders Hall


Fredrik Hörte


Dennis Lampert


Miha Rescic


Victor Lindellee


Maria Koskinen

Development Finland

Engin Sasmaz

Development Benelux

Lars Klaening

Development Norway