Senior Software Developer – Malmö

At Strossle we work with modern technology, infrastructure and development methodology. We apply an agile approach and are working with continuous delivery on a large scale. Stand-ups, pull-requests and code reviews are part of our everyday lives. We mainly use Node.js and our web applications are based on Vue.js but other programming languages such as Go are used when needed (more frequently).
All infrastructure is cloud-based and runs on AWS. We manage 250 million events and 50 GB of compressed data every day.

What you will do

  • design and maintain highly scalable systems on AWS
  • write structured and scalable code mostly in Javascript/Node.js and Go
  • build easy-to-use interfaces in Vue.js

What we are looking for

  • a problem solver and doer that picks up new things fast
  • an experienced full-stack developer that speak our common tongue; Javascript & AWS
  • a knowledge sharer that makes yourself and others better

What you will get

  • a fun and challenging work environment
  • skilled colleagues that make each other better
  • great work-life balance with flexible work hours
  • monthly hack days
  • fair compensation

A big plus if you have experience with any of the following technologies

  • Vue.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Go
  • GraphQL
  • Kubernetes
  • Hive
  • Neo4j

About Strossle

Strossle was founded in 2013 and has become a Native Advertising powerhouse. We connect users with content and create engagement for publishers and brands. Today Strossle has offices in 10 countries across Europe.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

– Fredrik Hörte, Engineering Manager,