About Strossle

Strossle is a young, fast growing media tech company, helping publishers to optimize content distribution and personalize the user experience. We use machine learning technologies to make sure every media user is presented to an optimal mix of content. This is Artificial Intelligence for media.

Our team is extremely passionate about media and has extensive experience from all sides of the industry. Born and bred in Stockholm, Sweden, we are now delivering our services on a global basis.


Our mission

We’re here to make publishers future proof. We know that media production and consumption are fragmenting. We know that advertisers struggle to find relevant reach and impact. Let’s use the smartest possible technologies to solve those challenges together!

We’re looking for people who

Are great communicators

Effective communication, whether it’s face-to-face, in chat, or in a GitHub issue, is key to how we work as a team and our bigger strategy as a company.

Have empathy

We spend a lot of time working with and caring about each other. We’re looking for people who care about their team and the users they’re building for.

Have fire

Being enthusiastic, excited, and all around fired up about Strossle is important to our team. We’re looking for people who are all-in on our technology, our culture, and our play.

Optimize your website

Strossle widget is free to start on both mobile and desktop. Place a our script and you are done! It only takes minutes.

Promote your content

Give us a url and we place your content in front of the right people in a native context. Only pay for what you get!