Truly GDPR Safe Advertising

GDPR Compliant Advertising

GDPR Compliant Truly GDPR Safe Advertising

We want advertisers to feel confident that advertising with Strossle is completely secure from a privacy and GDPR perspective. Therefore, we apply a strict view on privacy and personal data. For us, GDPR is more than a regulation; it’s part of a global shift toward better privacy for all internet users. We know that it’s possible to provide a great distribution channel for advertisers and take privacy seriously at the same time!

100% GDPR safe way to distribute your content

The core of Strossle is our powerful recommendation engine. It matches the right ad with the right context in the Strossle widget, resulting in more engaged users coming to your content site. The recommendations are generated by our own machine learning algorithm, which maps out how topics and articles relate to each other, in a way that no human can. This results in an optimal mix of recommendations for the user without having to depend on personal data. As you pay per click, you’ll only pay for visitors that are truly interested.

You will own your data

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal demonstrates just how important it is to prevent personal data from being transferred to third parties, without very clear user consent. At Strossle, we don’t allow leakage of any personal data from publishers to third-party advertisers. Instead, you as an advertiser can collect the personal data you need in a clear and transparent way when the visitor arrives at your site via Strossle. This means that we can display your content to 100% of our audience across Europe without any form of consent. And, as an advertiser, you run zero risk of ending up in discussions around data leakage from publishers to advertisers.

What user data do we store?

Apart from the huge amounts of content data that we save in our platform, to understand how articles relate to each other, we store two kinds of user data, that are both compliant with the GDPR:

Ad-fraud data
Ad fraud is mentioned as one of the legitimate reasons to store data under the GDPR. We detect ad fraud by storing IP addresses for 60 days. These IP addresses are not used for anything else.

Geographic data
We identify what region a person is in when we give the user recommendations, but this data is never collected on a more detailed level.

When you partner up with Strossle, you can rest assured that you’re not breaking any regulations, and that you’re a part of the future.


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