Dan Willstrand

Top 5 Content Marketing Myths

Content Marketing is nothing new. It’s as old as Santa Claus, at least the fat, bearded version in red bathrobe that Coca-Cola helped shape the Image of in their marketing in the 1930’s. But in its digital form, Content Marketing is still at an infant stage, full of teething problems and myths. The sooner we get rid of those myths, the faster we can move on to what might be the most rewarding era ever in marketing, for both consumers and businesses, with great content and intelligent distribution.

Confessions of a Chief Digital Officer: “We Put The Least Read Articles Behind The Paywall-and Yes, it Was a Mistake”

Chief Digital Officers–are they the new emperors, or are they just alibis for CEOs’ who prefer to continue with business as usual? Strossle’s Dan Willstrand met Robin Govik, CDO at Mittmedia, one of Scandinavia’s most progressive local media houses. Anyone who listened to his popular keynote about robot journalism at SXSW in Austin would agree: Robin Govik is a man who makes digital happen.