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10 free online marketing resources that every online marketer should use

Most online marketers are constantly on the lookout for ways to save time and at the same time stay on track with news in the industry. But with an increasing number of blogs and sites that claim to be the best, digging through the abundanc...

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Connecting your content marketing distribution to the sales process

We are living in an age of platform economies. Everything from travel, booking, taxies, news feeds and music is driven by how platforms identify us, recognize our behavioral patterns and fine-tune themselves to deliver an ever improved serv...

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AI for Media: The difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

From time to time we’re asked what the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is. There is no clear-cut definition, but this is how we (and many with us) see it. The short answer is that Machine Learning i...

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How Facebook Can Inspire Media to Grow Their Business

Online media must adapt to new trends, learn from big players, and move their user experience strategy to a new level.The way people consume online content is developing at a dramatic speed. We’re well past the times when there were few web...

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My organic traffic is decreasing - help me!

In a previous post we wrote about how the traffic has decreased over the past and continues to decrease. Several of our publishing partners are worried about this trend, and many have contacted us to discuss what can be done to stop this. W...

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