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Are brands becoming the Media?

Today’s fragmented media landscape with adblock on the rise has made it almost impossible to reach audiences through a push marketing strategy. In the early days of Internet, advertisers needed to interrupt consumers to talk about their pro...

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10-20-70–Your Ideal Content Marketing Measurements

An increasing number of brands are discovering the magic of content marketing and native advertising. Users are bothered by banners and pre-rolls, so they block them, but they actively choose content that they want to consume. The result? B...

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​Time Spent should mean more to Publishers than Unique Visitors

The online media industry has historically used quantity as the main success indicator—where “who has more unique visitors?” mattered most. The market has seen monthly stats as the principal metric. Consequently a unique user who visited a ...

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​“Publicisterna måste samarbeta för att överleva” (In Swedish)

Om medierna ska överleva är samarbete en möjlig väg framåt, säger mediedrottningen Eva Hamilton i ett samtal med Strossles marknadschef Dan Willstrand.Vilka är de största utmaningarna för medierna framöver?Jag skulle vilja säga att den svår...

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10 free online marketing resources that every online marketer should use

Most online marketers are constantly on the lookout for ways to save time and at the same time stay on track with news in the industry. But with an increasing number of blogs and sites that claim to be the best, digging through the abundanc...

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