A bold new year’s resolution for content marketers

By January 12, 2015Uncategorized

Welcome to the future! I’d like you to start the new year by doing something as simple as this: Pause for a second… Tell your “Content Executives” or “Corporate Publishing Unit” or whatever to just chill out for a short minute and look around you… Are you actually making a difference here, or are you just adding white noise to the chaos?

The net is now becoming so crowded by click enticing, time consuming, “You won’t believe what happens next” screaming and quite frankly: BORING content that the whole idea of Content Marketing is in risk of drowning under its own weight!

With more than 2,7 million blog posts published daily, more video uploaded per hour than you could hope to look at in a year and billions of Facebook posts and tweets it’s fair to say that hoping your contribution is going to rock the boat is at best futile. If your response to this situation is just creating more, more, MORE CONTENT then you are quite simply wasting everyone’s time…

Here’s the thing: in 2014 it was OK to still be looking at storytelling as a new and effective method to engage consumers, use content to build a sales and relationship funnel through engagement and insight and even exploring the opportunities of social video as a relatively ”new” and shiny toy.

Well, that was last year, pal…

But fear not. This is still a land of opportunity and possibilities and your friends at Sprinkle have a few tips for you:

  1. Make sure your content is discovered in a relevant and contextual setting.  Trying to grab someone’s attention outside these parameters is a bit like shouting at passing cars – pointless! As you’re reading this article on Sprinkle’s blog it’s fair to assume you are on the right path here. Please continue…
  2. Ensure your content provides UTILITY! Spending time consuming your content should give something in return. Trying to simply entertain your audience for a short period of time is a) NOT your job and b) will not please your audience over time!
  3. Make your content interactive! No – I don’t mean a “like” button. I mean an actual learning experience that utilizes the full potential of the web. Let your audience participate, influence, experience and share something that will spread and grow!


If you hit the mark on point 1, 2 and 3  – your content will be the stuff that the others’ content is about! How’s that for a new year’s resolution?!