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By February 2, 2015Uncategorized

Last week we wrote on our blog that PR agencies risk being squeezed between advertising agencies and content marketing agencies, as more and more companies ask for marketing with an editorial tone of voice. We also promised to discuss a couple of tricks that PR consultants should copy from ad agencies right away. Here’s the first:

Add an afterburner to favorable publicity! By this we mean that you can increase readership of stories you’ve got published, by purchasing additional distribution. Historically it’s was a taboo for PR consultants to buy exposure, but the digitization of media has resulted in a couple of challenges you must consider.


  1. Fewer journalists
    As editorial staffing shrinks and the number of PR professionals grows, your chances of media exposure decreases. You may think that fewer journalists means more published PR stories. Forget it. For publishers who want to survive, it’s a poor strategy to become press release distributors (PR Newswire does that perfectly well). Serious publishers will be at least as independent, investigative and skeptic as before.


  1. Shorter life span for news
    Even popular news disappear quickly from the publisher’s homepage. The majority of a publisher’s traffic is still generated from the first page, and competition for editorial space is fierce. Within twenty four hours you’re gone and few people will find you again.


Conclusion: you should increase the effect of publicity you’ve actually accomplished. This is one of the things Sprinkle can do. Let’s give you an example:

Your client manufactures smartphones. One day, a survey shows that your customer’s phones are the most environmentally friendly. You distribute the story and a technology site writes an interesting article. The problem is that the technology site has only 7,000 readers. This is when you call Sprinkle:

“Hey, I want this article to be recommended adjacent to other articles about mobile phones, in your network. Or articles mentioning any of our competitors.”

Within minutes the headline, thumbnail and link to your article is published in relevant contexts on hundreds of websites in your territory, and this will go on until you get the number of readers you’ve budgeted for. This is a new experience for PR consultants, but everyday business for ad agencies.

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