Content marketing for dummies – five simple pointers to guide you through the buzz

By November 3, 2014Uncategorized

While media outlets are debating  ”the death of journalism” or the ”end of advertising” et cetera, it’s easy to forget that Content Marketing is nothing new. History provides us with a lot of great examples (Guide Michelin anyone?) but as consumer and media embrace digital storytelling on mobile platforms, just how the heck do you make your message find an audience.

Here at Sprinkle we believe in great storytelling and delivering the right message to the right consumers, at the right time and place. In a series of post we want to point you to some success criteria, some “do’s and don’ts” and a few simple tricks to get your message to the right audienc?

1. Marketing is no longer what you tell people – it’s everything you do!

Base your code of conduct on this simple rule: everything about you is transparent! How you make your product, how you run your plant, how you treat your staff, your environmental impact – all of it!  Leverage this simple rule and make sure you are sitting in the director’s chair when your story is being told

2. Have a reason!

People don’t care what you do – they care WHY you do it! No one actually CARES about Juice – but they care about their health and why drinking YOUR juice is good for them.

3. Tell everything, all the time

A great Content Marketing strategy is not reliant on having a miraculous piece of insight, making a great film about it and then relying on a viral success. It’s being on brand an on time. Make your output about your consumers and what moves them. Your FAQ’s, your product development, your new design – it’s all part of your story…

4. Marketing is about 1:1 dialogue

Every piece of development is moving us in one direction: personal, bespoke and real communication. “Mass media” is fast becoming “my media”. It’s personal and its tailored to fit my location, context, behaviour and interests. Make sure your message has a heart at its core and make sure your distribution reaches people where it is the most relevant

5. Content is King, distribution is King Kong

As we’ve said in previous posts, content without eyeballs is worthless. Making content is like climbing Mt Everest – if you make it to the summit you are only half way back to base camp. If you make great content – you need to find an audience for it to become relevant. If you don’t have a distribution strategy, you don’t have a strategy at all!

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