Content marketing lessons

By June 16, 2014Uncategorized

Content Marketing is the fastest rising star in digital advertising. The reason behind is success is easy to understand. We go from mass marketing to more personalized marketing where marketing is not about what you as a marketeer want to tell, but what the customer want to hear and share.

The ad spend movement to this area is amazing but along with it you hear the stories about campaigns that went sour.

We want to share four main reasons why it fails and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Don´t view content marketing as a “campaign”

Content marketing isn’t a campaign, it is a strategy. It is about building relationships over time with the customers that you want to have. Great content lives forever, understand that and treat it like that

2. Find the right level for your content production

They say all advertisers will be publishers, that doesn’t mean advertisers will be as good or as credible as Dagens Nyheter, the Guardian or the New York Times. Instead understand what you as a company can have as a platform, Red Bull, Phone House, Gymgrossisten, what story can you tell. If you don’t have the resources, don’t even pretend but instead try to use the means that you can control and feel comfortable with.

3. They don’t come to you

There’s so much content and the speed in how fast new content is produced is just amazing. Imaging then your target group and the attention span they have (just look at yourself and you understand). We mean this is the most important lesson of them all. Distribution is key. Find the right time, place and context when it is relevant to present content for your audience.

4. It is a multi platform world

Each piece of content, videos, blog posts, pictures and so on must be accessible on what ever device they might carry at the moment they see your content. Also make sure that your content are as good as it can be on each of the device it is distributed to.


And the statistics to back it up.

  • 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. (Source)
  • 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing. (Source)
  • 79% of marketers report their organizations are shifting to branded content. (Source)
  • 9 in 10 organizations market with content. (Source)
  • Companies with 10,000 or more employees use 18 different content marketing tactics. (Source)
  • 95% of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing. (Source)
  • 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. (Source)
  • 57% of marketers report content marketing is their top marketing priority for 2013. (Source)
  • 60% of marketers use content marketing on a weekly basis. (Source)