Copywriters or journalists? who should produce your branded content?

By April 27, 2015Uncategorized

 Photo: Tulane Public Relations

Customers often ask us how to produce content for digital audiences. Since Sprinkle is focused on the distribution side of marketing, we prefer to forward such questions to content producers, who are better poised to answer. Nevertheless, it’s in the interest of everyone in the industry that the quality of content gets better. As thousands of businesses have moved to content marketing, we’ve all been exposed to some pretty horrible examples.

Since most companies have limited resources to produce content themselves, they turn to external expertise. And then the question arises: “should we hire copywriters or should we go for ex-journalists”? I’m quite sure that any ad agency, pr agency or production company would claim that they can do the job for you. But is that true? Let’s look into the pros and cons of the alternatives, and let’s limit ourselves to the art of writing:

  • COPYWRITERS – these guys have long experience of producing high density stories that’ll get your message through without doubt. They’ll listen carefully to what YOU want to communicate and you’ll find them easy to work with. The risk however, is that they’re too much on your side, and produce articles full of the buzzwords and jargong you generously loaded them with. As a consequence your audience might not understand or, even worse, won’t trust what you have to say. It’s just a looong ad.
  • EX-JOURNALISTS – with journalists onboard your chances of arousing peoples interest will generally be higher. Journalists have spent their lives dissecting complex stories and rephrasing them into easily digested texts that anyone can understand. Thats very, very valuable. On the other hand: experienced journalists won’t unconcernedly accept your editorial input and they might not not be as smooth to work with.

So who should you choose? Well, the former are skilled at selling your brand or product and the latter at telling a story – so it’s «story selling» or «story telling» and that raises the question of: what do you want to achieve?

Understanding consumer behavior is one part and understanding the medium is the other – match these with your strategic goals and let Sprinkle help guide you to the right placement and context.