Data Engineer

By March 16, 2017Jobs

Do you enjoy architecting and developing systems from the ground up? Are you a Python ninja, with solid systems design and implementation experience? Then we have an exciting challenge for you!

Join our machine learning team and help build a system to manage the full lifespan of models. From development, through testing, production, and replacement. This will pose interesting problems such as facilitating running multiple models at the same time for comparison and balancing incoming requests between them, managing a cloud computing cluster to train multiple models in parallel, visualizing statistics from training runs, managing databases etc.

About Strossle

Strossle is a young, fast growing media technology company, helping publishers to optimize content distribution and personalize the user experience. We use machine learning to make sure every media user is presented to an optimal mix of content. This is artificial intelligence for media. We are making billions of article recommendations each month.

About the ML team

The ML team at Strossle is a small and growing team. This means that you will be one of the founding members with a large influence on how the model management system is designed and built. The current focus of the team lies on natural language processing/understanding and recommender systems. Technology-wise we’re focusing on neural network and deep learning based techniques, and TensorFlow is our primary machine learning framework. The programming language we are mainly using is Python, but we also use a bit of Go-lang.

The role

In order to improve the efficiency of the machine learning team a considerable effort is put into developing tools to make the model development, model testing and model production efficient. This is where you will come in. As a founding member of the team, and as an architect and developer of cutting edge machine learning tools.


We believe this will require skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Python
  • Systems development
  • SQL

Skills and experience in the following fields are probably helpful too (and worth mentioning in your application):

  • Javascript, Node.js
  • Apache Spark
  • AWS, Google Cloud Platform
  • Database administration
  • Open source projects/experience
  • Understanding of machine learning and the model development process

Don’t worry if you think this sounds exciting, but you are not ticking off all the boxes. Just tell us about how you have what it takes to solve this problem and how you will be great addition to our team. Both in terms of skills and as a sociable, intelligent, and productive colleague.

You will be based at our tech office in Malmö, Sweden.