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Content Marketing —last years marketing buzzword and on the lips and lists of every advertiser in the world. But what is content marketing really about? What’s its main objective?

Content marketing is not all about the content it’s about creating engagement. If you want your audience to interact and spend time with your brand you have to create engaging content. Almost all CMOs today know that they have to produce quality content, it is now as central to the marketing mix as a brands social media strategy, but many seem to have forgotten the engagement aspect.

The result? A jungle of introspective and boring content and numerous shocked and unhappy CMOs disappointed by the poor outcome of their new, shiny and fancy content marketing plan. Eagerness is eating away at engagement!

Our advice: Appreciate that this process takes time, and that the long game is the only game worth playing.

In marketing, engaging an audience means not just grabbing but keeping someone’s attention. Over time, and repeatedly. Your content has to be unique and relevant enough to arouse interest in the very noisy online space, and it has to do so consistently. Naturally narcissistic stories only acclaiming your fantastic products will fall short. Focus on serving your target audience with outside-in stories and knowledge first, to build a relation, and then tell them about your products.

It’s like a relationship. You wouldn’t propose on the first date, right. You have to move smoothly, interact, listen and communicate first, and only later on when you have a relationship, pop the question.

According to Pagefair and Adobe, ad blocking in Europe grew by 35 percent the last quarter of 2014 to 77 million monthly active users. The report estimates $21.8 billion will be lost in advertising revenues this year due to ad blocking, with that number expected to reach $41.4 billion by 2016. There’s a solution to solve the ad block situation – make less intrusive and more engaging commercial content that readers don’t want to block. And that’s exactly what native advertising can become, unless we let eagerness overtake the process

“Make me think, make me laugh, inspire me, teach me something new and I’ll remember you when the time comes to buy”

Here are five questions you should to have in mind when you create your content marketing strategy:

  1. Who do you want to communicate with?
    Don’t think excisting customers, but potential customers.
  2. How can I engage this audience?
    Not with product descriptions but with outside-in storytelling.
  3. What’s your main objective?
    First engagement, then marriage.
  4. How can I reach the audience?
    Don’t trust people will find your content by themselves. Spend at least 25% of your budget on traffic. For example Facebook, Twitter and Sprinkle.
  5. How can I maintain a long term relation with the audience?
    Create a plan for ongoing content marketing activities.

Engage for the win!