Hey! where the heck did everyone go?

By November 17, 2014Uncategorized

Remember the good old days? “The bigger the wallet, the bigger the campaign, the better the result!” – right? Time slots were limited and everyone was watching the same space at the same time… If you’re just coming back from a long trip to the Amazon jungle  (about 3 years should do it!), todays digital landscape must be a very confusing scene – so lets make it simple for you:

Imagine the media landscape as a big ol’ lunch buffet! Before, you had a selection of dishes made up for you by the canteen lady, served at a set time between 11 and 12:30. On Fridays there might have been a treat or a hot dish, but it was predictable standard fare and everyone ate more or less the same thing at the same time.

Now imagine the buffet at the largest hotel in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand. Literally thousands of dishes made by a multitude of chefs with a wide background in culinary delights, open 24hours a day and served to you with a big grin whenever you feel like a snack.

Great for consumers, but horrible if you’re trying to run a canteen! Who knows what people will eat and at what time and how much, right?

This is the media landscape, before and today. If you’re trying to get your message across to potential and existing fans – how do you navigate this multitude of platforms and sites to reach them at a relevant time and place??

Well – here’s the thing you need to know: If you go back to that massive buffet for a second, where you could have anything in the world to eat. Between a multitude of smells and tastes, textures and colours – what would you choose?

The answer is as simple as it is surprising. Because you and I and everyone else we choose the same thing: we choose more of what we like!

From the millions of websites and niche publications available today, we generally consume the same websites over and over again. We seek out what we know and like, perhaps spiced up with a little variation every now and then, but we keep coming back to the stuff we like the most …

So what does this mean to you when you are trying to reach people? Simple:

  1. Identify your fan base and learn what they like. Who are the best at talking to this group? What are the top places to find them?
  2. Ask yourself what can YOU do for THEM? Can you provide utility, a great story or a better way of living?
  3. Write down WHY your fans should hear what you have to say


Sprinkle can help you place your WHY in front of the right WHO at the right TIME and the right PLACE. Let us help you find out what your next dish at the buffet should taste like…