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Content Marketing is really just like any Saturday night out… In layman’s terms; If you don’t have a clear and defined strategy on how to attract, engage and convert, you won’t get lucky…

Let me try to explain.
In essence Content Marketing is all about attracting users, engaging users and converting users. Simple in writing – a little harder in practice. The same goes for a night out. In essence it’s about attracting people, engaging in interesting conversation, and ultimately converting the effort into, well you know… Again simple in writing – but as most of us know a little harder in practice.

Meet Manolo.
Lets be honest. Manolo isn’t good looking and he doesn’t care about his own appearance. On top of that he’s shy by nature and doesn’t make himself noticed. However, Manolo holds a Phd. in philosophy and literature, loves animals, and is an emphatic, profound and caring person. He’s a great listener and puts others’ needs before himself.

Meet Fernando.
Fernando is a Greek god. Tall and gorgeous with perfect hair and triceps to die for. A true jock and Heisman trophy candidate. Naturally he is confident and outspoken and not afraid to make himself heard. But… let’s face it. It’s all in the appearance. In reality he is dumb as shit, cares only about himself, is a true player and basically just an empty shell

As we all know Manolo and Fernando will experience two very different nights out. However, the end result will be the same…

Manolo, even with his good intentions and likable personality, will not attract a single girl and will be left alone on a bar stool in the dark corner of the bar. He has so much to share but no one to share it with. At the same time he will probably be looking jealously at Fernando picking and choosing between dozens of interested girls and getting all the attention you can wish for. However, the attention is short-lived and Fernando will not make it through the first conversation (engagement) as the empty shell is quickly recognized. He has a huge crowd but nothing to share…

Ultimately, Manolo and Fernando share the same faith; None of them gets lucky… Translated; not being able to attract users to good content will not get you any where just as well as a lot of attention but irrelevant or non-existing content will get you nowhere.

Now, let’s try and get you in bed with your customers – so to speak.

Attraction is distribution:
Be tall, gorgeous and outspoken in your content distribution strategy. Don’t go around thinking that good content automatically brings you visitors – because it won’t. Take advantage of the strengths multiple distributions channels provide and don’t be confined to limited outlets (many marketers mistakenly see Social Media as the only content channel). Make sure you don’t end up as Manolo with a lot to share, but no one to share it with.

Engagement is being relevant:
If your company is capable of providing the best answers to customers’ needs you’ll become relevant. Listen to your audience. Instead of asking yourself “what can we sell today?” you should ask “What’s our target demographic really interested in today?”. Combining an attractive appearance with disappointing substance, just like our friend Fernando did, is simply a deadly combination.

Conversion is succeeding:
Whatever KPIs you’re using to measure your content marketing activities, make sure that your users understand what you want them to do. It may sound simple and obvious but nevertheless failing to guide your users to achieve your KPIs is ultimately your responsibility. If you’re able to get past the attraction phase and engagement phase, which neither Manolo nor Fernando did, it’s completely up to you to close the deal…

The only question remaining is: Are you ready to go out Saturday night?

Thomas Haug Hartmann, Country Mgr Strossle Denmark