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We often get the question how Strossle’s distribution fits into the general ad buying landscape. The answer is quite simple: our core is distribution of content, and sometimes that content might be an ad. But how does our distribution relate to other forms of Native Advertising? The Native Landscape is changing fast and making strategic decisions that matches your company goals is getting tricky. To help you plan for the future we’ve made this simple categorization to help you know who’s who in the jungle out there:

The Native Advertising Landscape:

  • Content Recommendations
  • In-feed
  • Custom
  • Paid Search
  • Promoted Listings

Content recommendations

This is Strossle’s main expertise, and a great way of promoting Native Ads. Based on algorithms using data on who the visitors are, what context they’re in, what they’ve read before, social sharing, trending topics etc, we can predict which content and which native ads each user is most likely to be interested in. And then we recommend it to them.

  • Pros: Huge reach, algorithm driven, high CTR and often sold on a CPC basis.
  • Cons: Your ad needs to be relevant to get attention, can be hard to do with ”soft content”. Limited campaign targeting possibilities.




In-feed has similarities with content recommendations but normally holds less data and is more of an ”ad unit” than a content recommendation. Facebook ads and Native ads on Publishers first pages are examples of this.

  • Pros: Huge reach, sold as CPM or CPC.
  • Cons: Less data but many ways to target the audience, lower CTR than content recommendations but higher than for example display.





This is the true native format. It’s produced and hosted by the Publisher together with the advertiser, normally as a section within the publishers ordinary sites, marked as promotional material or similar.

  • Pros: the best editorial context. Credibility.
  • Cons: Provides less tracking and optimization opportunities than if you host the content yourself.



Paid Search

This is image and text ads that often link an article with a product, or a product with another product. It’s more of a promotional listing but still falls under Native advertising since it’s displayed in an editorial context. It can also be adwords on Google but where the ”search phrase” is typically for content and connects it to paid content pieces.

  • Pros: High level of relevance, relatively high CTR
  • Cons: High CPC cost, limited reach since it normally originates around a specific product. Also: you only reach forward-leaning users.



Promotional listings

This you will normally find in e-commerce shops, as paid search it solely originates from a product and refers to similar products or content related to a product

  • Pros: Normally something that can´t be bought outside of ”directories”, high relevancy and high CTR
  • Cons: Limited reach, high CPC, not the perfect fit for content distribution.



Now, ask yourself this. What is my content profile, my production plan and my ambitions? Need more help? We’re here for you! Use our contact pages to find your local Strossle representative for more information.

Magnus Hultman