How to inspire people to find your content

By January 27, 2016Marketing

Let me use this blog post to remind you of an obvious, but often forgotten fact: Google AdWords are great for driving visitors who know what they’re looking for. But if you want less forward-leaning users to find your content, then you should complement your distribution with recommendations.

One of the driving forces behind content marketing is that the traditional AIDA (Action, Interest, Desire, Action) purchase funneling model has changed. Marketers have until recently used this simple strategy – to raise customers’ Awareness with advertising and then quickly lead them to the Action point: purchase.

With the internet, people started breaking out of this nice funneling process and began doing their own research online. As the image below suggests, social networks, price comparison sites and Google is where consumers now go LONG before they make a purchasing decision.


Your goal as a marketeer is to satisfy knowledge-hungry consumers with relevant content. But remember: Google will only help you reach those who actively search for information! SEO is only preaching to the choir. How do you reach people who haven’t heard about you or don’t know they need your product?

We believe the answer is spelled “Intelligent recommendations”.

Intelligence = inspiration
We use algorithms to present your content to relevant users, in a context where they’re consuming information online. This means you can inspire people based on their behaviour, and thus attract more relevant and engaged customers. The visitors that Strossle deliver spend on average around 3 minutes on content discovered through our platform!

Here’s an example: Alcro has a fantastic content marketing website about interior design. Strossle helps them drive relevant traffic by recommending individual stories in our vast network of quality publishers. An Alcro article about interior trends for 2016 is recommended by Strossle under an article about interior trends in the online magazine “Sköna hem”. Contextual relevance between article and content ensures that for Alcro, all readers clicking their article will be interested in Alcro’s content. The connection is obvious.

But Alcro are looking to expand their reach while maintaining relevance for consumers. Our technology picks an article from a car site, where the subject is on a new stylish car. Our tracking data shows that this user consumes media on design, home improvement and trends and to Alcro he or she is equally interesting and valuable. The first user is easy to reach, the second requires a far more advanced plattform – Strossle reaches both.