If you publish it, they will come!

By October 22, 2014Uncategorized

A reality check on this claim will give you a very clear answer: no they won´t!

Let’s face it – you need more than awesome content to succeed…

Clearly you need awesome content in order to at least stand a chance to earn yourself an audience. If you’re publishing content you probably have an idea why you’re doing it:

  • Show your expertise
  • Tell a story others might be interested in
  • Make a statement
  • Build credibility
  • Convince people to buy your offering
  • Comply with others

There might be more reasons than that, like vanity, but content strategies generally evolve in the early stages of customer acquisition. Your content tells a story about you, your product and your service with the aim of providing the reader and viewer with a clear understanding of what you do, and more importantly why you do it. It draws them in and gives them a good look at what is inside.

But as your relationship with you audience evolves, so too does the need for continuous output, new content and more stories…

Sprinkle believes that storytelling lies at the heart of every successful content marketing strategy. Delivering your stories to where people are consuming stories is what we do. ‘Cause if you publish it: they still need to find it! Once they’ve found it – they’ll be coming back for more!

Sprinkle’s method of delivering your stories, in context and alongside editorial content, is a very powerful distribution tool – but your content remains the heart. The key take away with this post is not that you should promote your content (because you always have to), but that when you start you need to think about your ability to keep the stories flowing. Because when you reach an audience, that audience will rely on your stories for more.

The guy who knows one well rehearsed joke is a pretty crap comedian. The guy who can turn every situation into a giggle is the one who is the centre of attention. The one who taunts a single fact over and over is not a reliable source; the insightful one with perspective has credibility and clout. No one comes back twice to see a one trick pony…