In-feed potential for native advertising

By October 28, 2014Uncategorized

Great content marketing needs eyeballs to be of value. “Pretty good” content marketing even more so – or at least an audience that cares!

Sprinkle believes that algorithm based recommendations are the most effective way of finding an audience for your content – in particular in the early stages of the process, when driving awareness and interest to your content is critical.

Sprinkle has Scandinavias largest “in-feed” content stream with more than 200 publishers and powerful algorithms to match content with readers across the media landscape.
So what is in-feed? It is a sponsored content post in the article feed at publisher’s websites, not a display space

It’s important to deliver native advertising where consumers are paying attention, the center of the site where the content lives is the most obvious place. In a post by Michael Goldberg  he states, “In-feed sponsored content is most useful for established brands that seek to enhance awareness and differentiate their image, deepen existing consumer relationships, launch brand extensions, and influence purchase consideration. The best in-feed sponsored content tells a story and fulfills the human need for a compelling narrative”.

The format is no less powerful on mobile platforms. NY Times sees native as critical to their future revenue stream as readers increasingly digest their content on a platform unsuitable for traditional formats. (read more)

Yahoo research shows that 85 percent of mobile users engage with native ads on mobile and that mobile users are twice as likely to engage with ads that are contextualized within a stream of content. Yahoo also revealed that mobile users aren’t turned off by native ads. In fact, mobile users are twice as likely to say that they don’t care if content is an ad – as long as it is engaging.

At Sprinkle we see up to 50% higher CTR on mobile content from our in-feed solution compared to PC/Laptop. A study conducted by the IAB with Edelman Berland, on native advertising show that in-feed confirms this data. Sponsored content was more appealing and less intrusive than any other major paid media format.

To make in-feed sponsored content work, it must be:

  • Relevant
  • Authoritative
  • Authentic/Trustworthy


Just like all great content should be.