Long live (the distribution of) content

By May 19, 2015Uncategorized

Photo: Tgraham

Yes, we are yet again back to the never-ending discussion of what actually is “King” in the online world. The contenders are numerous and famous and the battle is fierce. Convenience, data, and content are among the most frequently mentioned contenders. And rightfully so. It’s very hard to argue against convenience, virtually impossible to dismiss data, and downright stupid to disregard content. However, I will give it a shot.

As strong as the three contenders above may appear they are still rather weak if they are not applied to serve the greater interests of the masses. Convenience for the few makes no sense (apart of course for the few), having limits on data is contradictory in nature, and content (and more importantly good content) that is not consumed by as many as possible is simply a loss for all parties involved.

As for the three contenders, I personally hand content a TKO over convenience and a victory on points over data. Why?

Well, convenience is quickly becoming the default setting in a smartphone-WiFi-world and to a large extend the expected norm. It’s no longer a parameter of difference.

Data is without any doubt a parameter of difference. But, data, and more specifically knowledge based on data, is still “only” a constructed reality based on limited data points. It is merely a perception of the truth.

Content is most certainly a parameter of difference. And above all, it is real. It is the very backbone of information and since information is the backbone of the internet, well, it is pretty obvious how important content is.

However, content has a problem. It’s being built within silos! Content, even if intended for the masses, is often only distributed to the few. And that is a shame. Both for the content entrepreneurs and for the masses placed outside of the silos.

So, that brings me to it. The new King in town… Distribution of content! Long live the King.

We at Sprinkle believe in good content but even more so we believe in the distribution of good content. It’s not that we don’t understand the reasons behind the silos. Competition among media owners is brutal, but rather than building up silos maybe it is time to rethink distribution of content.

Let’s facilitate distribution and increase content consumption. In the end, everyone wins; The content entrepreneurs whose content live a longer and happier life ever after, the consumer who gets access to amazing content that he or she previously never knew existed, and finally the content owners who in the end can monetize on the increased consumption.

That is what I call a win-win-win…