Making data sexy

By March 9, 2015Uncategorized

 Photo: NASA

The wonderful world of digital advertising is effectively putting a stop to shooting blindly in the vain hope of reaching your core audience. TV meters and user panels have long been the mainstay of tracking reach and audience size, but when advertising went online – so too did data gathering. Suddenly pin-point accuracy became available and tracking user behaviour across multiple sites, a/b testing and engagements and click through rates are commonplace.

But, this range of measurement tools can also be a source of confusion and actually hide the facts you really want and the insight you need to improve your performance.

Consider this: Our online behaviour is limited to a daily average of 5-10 sites per person. We all pretty much rely on the same set of sites for the information we care about, and habits here are hard to change. Once in a while we all need / want something outside this pattern and so we search for things like hotels in a new city, check out a band a friend has recommended, try to find a spare part for a kitchen appliance or whatever…Ever tried this? Consequently your «usual fare»of favorite websites are now plastered with creative re-targeting information about hotels, shoes, bands, appliances or whatever you spent some time looking at. Statistically you are more likely to be in an airplane accident than you are at responding to this kind of adverts – but make no mistake: these are data driven, intelligent algorithms that have been optimized and tuned over and over to grab your attention.

Here at Sprinkle, we believe that poking someone in the eye is not the best way to grab their attention. In the example above – we believe that it’s better to be the source of information and inspiration in the first place (like the article that inspired you to travel, or the website that showed you how to use your kitchen to cook something delicious). But that doesn’t mean that we don’t use data to continuously improve how we perform. Here are some key points for statistical data gathering to make your content marketing strategy sexier:

  1. Context. Placing travel information on a site for kitchen appliances or vice versa is a losing bet. We use site profiles, click stream data and advanced proprietary algorithms to optimize the match between our commercial content and the sites we cooperate with.
  2. Performance. Our business model is based 100% on this simple premise. Not only do we work hard to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time – we also support our clients in fine tuning their messages to fit with the overall goals of their online presence.
  3. Engagement. Made well, content marketing delivers the same (or better) levels of interaction, time spent and pages viewed as editorial content from the referral sites we work with. Make sure you know and understand the relationship between the traffic you generate and the goals you’ve set for yourself. Site specific tracking tools like Google analytics and  / or player data from your site need to be evaluated. We can help you understand and interpret this information to ensure you are getting the effect you’re after from the traffic we’re driving to your site through Sprinkle.
  4. KPI’s. Ensure your online presence is in line with your overall goals and measure these against each other. Are your incoming sales leads being handled by people who understand and know what you are communicating through your content? Are you running campaign based material that reflects the brand messaging you are delivering through content?


Sprinkle works with companies and content producers in virtually every sector. Ask us about how we deliver engaged audiences for companies from Telenor to ICA and how to leverage this data to ensure the success of your content marketing strategy.