Mittmedia case

By June 16, 2014Uncategorized

Sprinkle has been a video provider for the MittMedia Group for the past year. Our recommendation widgets has automatically published relevant videos to their editorial content and doubled the online video inventory. Today Sprinkle provides around 50 videos per day. Sprinkle also helps MittMedia syndicate their own production to other publishers in the Sprinkle eco system.

Why syndication?

Producing videos is expensive. The life cycle for news videos are relatively short and you need lots of impressions in a short period of time to cover the costs.

These are the requirements:

  • Speed, once ready, you need to publish it fast
  • Relevance, place it where you know the eyeballs will be
  • Distribution, syndicate it to many sources to make sure you get the coverage you want


This is exactly what Sprinkle helps MittMedia and other news publishers with. We make sure each video gets a distribution to 50 % of the online population on hundreds of websites. The advantages for MittMedia are:

  • Fast, reliable and automatized distribution
  • Higher reach and volume
  • More revenues

These are the direct advantages but Sprinkle also increase the lifetime of the videos. Older videos gets relevant again when making recommendations relevance based. Each week Sprinkle re-circulate half of the entire archive and thereby giving extra life to the long-tail.