Moving your brand from awareness to love

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In the wonderful world of online marketing, you can shift your relationship status with your consumers from that of a ”one night stand” to ” the love of a lifetime”, here’s how!
From message to media
In the days of yore (pre 2010) marketing was all about what you told people. ”Our stuff is better then other stuff” was your basic scope of communication and the guy with the biggest wallet got his message distributed to the most consumers. Niche marketing was the same as advertising in a niche magazine and / or website, and the idea that ”The Media is the message” was alive and kicking.

But then all that changed…
Around the time of “peak advertising”  – ie when everyone of us got so fed up with banners, ads, pop-ups and emails that we simply stopped clicking on them, we also began questioning the authenticity of the messages we were being told. Social media became a powerful feedback loop and suddenly marketing was not a message – it became everything you do…
“How are you treating your employees?” “What is your stance on environmental impact issues?” “What is your online return policy?” “What are the quality flaws / upsides of your product or service?” “How can I hack your product to make a new one?” –  became integral parts of communication with your audience who now demands not a message – but a dialogue…

awareness to love

The media is no longer the message – your message is now its own media entity, talking directly to consumers around the world, 24 / 7 / 365…

The downside to this situation: You need to completely rethink the way you talk to the world. You are no longer selling your messages, you are telling the story of your company, brand and products. Your creative efforts and output should no longer be about glamorous models and photo shoots, but about the utility and story behind your products. In the words of Simon Sinek: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

The upside: You are no longer battling it out for cognitive awareness where the best you can hope for is that consumers remember your brand name, you are now creating emotional loyalty in their hearts where they will share your stories with their world – thus creating “word-of-mouth marketing” at a scale and doing your marketing for you. This is not a one night stand baby, this is love!
I want to make love! Now what?

Most people have a few things in common, and if you want to engage your audience these are important guidelines:

1.    People love a good story! Make your content relevant, unique and heart warming. The story of you is battling for attention with 100 hours of cat videos published daily…
2.    People love to share a good story. Be the brand that people want to identify with. The masses are the lowest common denominator. Capture the heart of a few, and they will reach out for you!
3.    People love to have an opinion! Provide the tools for people to tell you how their story goes and RESPECT, RESPOND and REACT to that feedback. They will love you forever for it!

If you want to capture the hearts of people your stories need to reach an audience, this is what we call Content Marketing. Making your content relevant and engaging is worthless unless you can reach people.

Sprinkle is Scandinavia’s largest content distribution network. We work closely with more than 150 digital publishers and reach more than 5,5 million Scandinavians per week. We know a thing a two about what makes people tick – and more importantly, what makes them click.

Having a great story is good. Having people listen to, share and identify with your story is awesome!