New tools for editorial intelligence

By March 23, 2015Uncategorized

Making money on digital distribution of media has never had the «Glory Days» that print experienced at its peak. Whilst online media spending is growing Year on Year the number of «publishers» (bloggers, viral news sites etc) are growing incredibly fast and so established media players are loosing ground and «share of advertisers wallet».




One of the challenges for established media houses with quality journalistic resources is that most online consumption is going in the direction of simplistic entertainment, rather then premium (ie expensive) content.

Media consumption is growing, fast. Like music – media is now consumed across multiple platforms and devices – but the earnings per consumed «media unit»is decreasing and the majority of user would rather click on «cat videos»than premium features. It’s sad – but true!

Sprinkle works to help digital publishers profit on their journalistic output, rather than loose more terrain. There IS room for everyone because online audience growth has infinite growth opportunity

We have proven that syndication of content and automated publication based on data driven recommendations increase number of page impression per user and prolong longevity on articles thus making every journalistic effort more valuable.

In the coming months Sprinkle will increase the efforts to help publishers grow, acquire new users and move beyond the failing advertising formats that have lost their attraction on advertisers. Get in touch today to learn more about our publisher tools and join the 300+ publishers that use Sprinkle today.