Publishing is the new marketing

By December 15, 2014Uncategorized

Let’s stop pretending: display ads are for suckers, TV Commercials is the most expensive way to reach a big mass of “couldn’t-care-less” consumers and print advertising is tactile nostalgia… OK, we’re biased here – but the digitization of publishing has gotten us so excited about the opportunities that it’s hard not to get carried away!

From being the financial foundation of media industry, advertisers are increasingly claiming their own media space and taking control of their own storytelling. This blurred line between editorial content and marketing has been called “the death of journalism” but the reverse is becoming the obvious truth: Content consumption is higher than ever before! Why? Simple: Creating great content is no longer an exclusive privilege, and thus publishing has become the new marketing!

In a jungle of increasingly annoying, disruptive and attention grabbing ad formats – consumers have simply developed “banner blindness”. Increased content consumption across numerous (and sometimes simultaneous) platforms ensures that the old proverb rings true: Content is King! And so, brands are developing their own, bespoke, media platforms. Just as the media industry has been instrumental in developing advertising space (no advertiser invented the 30 second TV ad), advertisers are now developing their own media solutions. In the classic words of Trevor Edwards, Nike VP of Global Brand and Category Management; “We’re not in the business of keeping media companies alive. We’re in the business of connecting with consumers.

It’s time to ask yourself the following questions:

 1) Am I just annoying my consumers with my marketing?

 2) Am I truly trying to connect with people?

 3) Do I know what engages, enthuses and pleases the people that matter to me?

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