Respect, react, respond – using unwanted attention to your benefit

By December 1, 2014Uncategorized

Digital media changes our perception of marketing. A strong marketing message was once about what you decided to tell people multiplied by the money you spent on bought media to get reach. Today feedback is instantaneous and reach is global in an instant.

Social media, dedicated niche sites and crowd based feedback loops like Trip Advisor are the key drivers here. As we’ve said in a previous post Marketing is no longer what you SAY to people – it’s what you DO; and consumers no longer give immediate trust to your version of the story – when the web is awash with discussions and opinions about your brand…

Here are a few simple truths to consider: 1) People LOVE a good story, 2) People love to SHARE their opinion.

It’s safe to say that there are probably more stories about your brand being told by your consumers right now, then the number of marketing messages you can afford to pay for.

So what do you do if / when the “fit hits the Shan”? A bad review on Trip advisor, a thrashing on social media or a nasty post on a travel site will spread faster and further than you could imagine. Remember: nothing travels faster than bad news!

A good strategy is to follow the three R’s and leverage the situation to turn that frown upside down:

  • RESPECT: Do NOT dismiss your disgruntled customers review or post. There is a real chance to improve your customer’s satisfaction here by making a validation of the feedback and using this to make changes to your product or operation.
  • REACT: If you can change for the better, the time is now! Make your packaging recyclable; ensure your employees have respectable wages, clean up that kitchen or stop selling an inferior product. Short-term costs can lead to long-term profits – especially if you base your change for the better on the feedback of your customers. Consider it a free A/B testing and take this opportunity to improve.
  • RESPOND: You’ve validated the reaction of your customers, you’ve improved the quality of your product – now tell your customers and give credit to the ones who started this cycle. If you can turn customers negativity into a positive change, your service will benefit and you will have a great story to tell. You may never win back the heart of the ones you let down – but you now have a great way to win over some new ones.

Making the change is one thing, telling that story is another. If you re willing to do the first – we at Sprinkle will make sure to help you do the rest. Talk to us about great storytelling and getting your story across…