Seven rules for native ad creation

By March 2, 2015Uncategorized

At Sprinkle we truly believe content and native advertising is the future of digital marketing. Well created it provides a less intrusive experience for the audience, better engagement with brands and higher revenues for publishers. It all starts with high quality content. And to be honest, we’re seeing some teething problems in this area that are threatening to diminish the reputation of the entire industry. Therefore we want to share a few experiences gathered from successful content producers. Think of these as useful guidelines to get you going in the right direction!

  1. What does your audience want to know?
    Traditional «push» advertising often boiled down to repeating bold statements about your product. In a digital «pull» environment, commercial messages must deserve their audience. Therefore, ask not: what can I tell my audience? Ask: what does my audience want to know?
  2. Use professional creators
    Of course you can write a blog post and shoot a video with your smartphone. But will your content babies stand out in the content storm of today? Hire a professional. There are thousands of talents available who used to work for traditional media.
  3. No click-baiting please
    If you’ve been online in 2014 you’re probably already fed up with over-promising headlines, leaving you disappointed 95% of the time you clicked in to the actual story. Lesson: compose strong, witty, engaging headlines, but never ever cheat people.
  4. Be transparent
    People will always be more sceptical to corporate stories than personal stories. But if you’re trying to hide that you’re the source, they’ll start distrusting you for real. So: be transparent about who you are and what you do but don’t be afraid to make it personal.
  5. Many different posts – continuously
    Content marketing is not a campaign, it’s a long term commitment. As we’ve said before in the blog post “If you publish it, they will come” , people will expect you to tell more stories (if you do it well). Think of it like social media. Two updates per year won’t build you a relationship.
  6. Call to action
    A compelling call to action is the best way to create measurable results from this kind of marketing, which otherwise is more about branding than closing. Take care of the engagement you’ve created and use inbound marketing tools to track your leads.
  7. Optimize – change headline, change picture
    Digital publishing is dynamic, which means you can update your content. Measure your native ads’ CTR, and if they don’t perform well, try changing the headline, the pictures or other parts of the ads. That’s exactly what successul online news publishers do.

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