Summer of 2017 – The Internship

By August 14, 2017Tech

This summer Strossle had the opportunity to welcome two superstar interns – Gabriella Ljunggren and Marcel Attar – to our Machine Learning team. Time flies and suddenly they’re heading back to school. We asked them to tell us about their experience:

What have you done during your time at Strossle?

We have analysed the data that Strossle collects from its users. With this data we have performed various tests, using for instance Machine Learning programs and methods. The goal has been to evaluate the current and possible new ways of doing recommendations. In order to do this we have used some of the latest tools within data analytics, such as Apache Spark.

In addition to investigating the answers to our problems, a big part of our internship has been devoted to figuring out how to best present and share the knowledge that we’ve gained.

What have you learned?

We have experienced what it means to be a data scientist out in the real world, working with real and often messy data. This has meant that we’ve used quite a lot of the theoretical knowledge that we’ve acquired in school, in particular from the statistics and computer science classes. Of course we have also gained a considerable amount of new knowledge in these areas as well. In addition to this we feel like we have gotten a better understanding of the ways Machine Learning is used in a modern tech company. Lastly the potential of Machine Learning and what a thriving area it is has really become clear to us.

How was the experience?

One of the biggest advantages with working at Strossle has been the great amount of responsibility that we have been trusted with. We have gotten to work with actual problems and questions within data science that the company wants solutions and answers to. This is something we have really appreciated since we know this isn’t necessarily true for any summer internship.

Another positive aspect of working at Strossle has been the open and helpful environment. We always felt like we could ask anyone for advice and help, no matter the question.

We have also really enjoyed the structure of our work, which has been project based, with continuous feedback from our supervisor, resulting in a dynamic way of working.

Who would you recommend this internship to?

Anyone who’s interested in Machine Learning and its applications, who enjoys a free work environment while having a lot of responsibility, who’s good at analysing complicated data and presenting it in an understandable way and who wants to experience working in a small, modern tech firm. This would be the ideal candidate!

3 things that can be improved?

  • Fredrik was away for three weeks during our internship which meant we couldn’t get the same amount of feedback during this time. Maybe for next year it would be a good idea to have a “back-up” supervisor, who the interns could report to.
  • We would have appreciated getting some more insight into what the other teams at the company are doing. For example having a meeting with someone for each team, where they present what that team does.
  • It would have been fun to get some better understanding of the business side of the company, subsequently getting a more holistic perspective. Perhaps having a meeting with someone from the Stockholm office.


Thanks Gabriella and Marcel, we wish you all the best. Hopefully we’ll see you soon again.

Fredrik Skeppstedt / Strossle