The ad agency tricks that pr agencies should copy straight off

By January 26, 2015Uncategorized

The consumers’ shift from analogue to digital media has brought major changes for the PR consultants’ work, and the result of their efforts. Today you can actually ask yourself if there is any value at all in analogue publicity. A positive mention in the print-edition of a newspaper typically results in congratulations from your grandpa, while articles in online media are read, shared and commented upon by everyone.

This is, of course, is nothing new to most public relations consultants, and many of them belong to the digital A-team Brit Stakston refers to in Dagens Media (Swedish). But there’s still a surprising number of PR consultants and agencies that seem to move backwards into the future, slowly. How can it e.g. be difficult to find PR consultants who are active on Twitter, although Twitter is for opinion leaders what the Sargasso Sea is for eels? And why do so few PR consultants use video in 2015, when YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine?

If they don’t improve their digital skills (or turn them into practice), these PR consultants will be squeezed from two directions:

  • From Advertising Agencies, whose expression is becoming more content-oriented. They’ve also understood that screaming “buy my product” in a banner doesn’t do it anymore. Interesting examples include Volvo’s films in recent years: several minutes long emotional stories, leaving us Swedes with goose bumps and ready for nature. But most important of all, they make us choose voluntarily to spend time with the Volvo brand, something that used to be the PR consultants’ home ground.
  • From Content Marketing Agencies who write articles, produce videos and develop games for their customers. From being unsexy producers of customer magazines, they’ve transformed into multimedia newsrooms. And you’ll see more of them, and they’ll grow bigger, not least by recruiting talented journalists from shrinking print media.

Both these groups often contact us at Sprinkle to discuss how we can maximize the traffic to the content they create. They’ve understood that also good stories need help to reach the right people in the right context, which is exactly what Sprinkle does: contextual distribution in editorial environments.

By contrast, we seldom here from PR agencies, though it should be extremely natural for us to cooperate. You have great content and we have the right audiences and tools.

During the coming weeks we will get back to you (on with a number of concrete examples of how PR professionals can amplify the results of their efforts, and increase customer satisfaction.

If you can’t wait, please feel free to contact us today, and we will offer you a “crash course” in contextual distribution for free.

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