The internet starting point is changing

By October 9, 2014Uncategorized

“So, what is Sprinkle?”. We often get that question and the easy answer is “We make content recommendations for publishers, syndicate content for content owners and distribute editorial content campaigns (Native) for advertisers. But, we see it in a larger context than that.

Jonathan Perelman at Buzzfeed says that the starting point is changing on the internet. In the early days when the internet newbies started exploring the web, there were portals and directories helping you to find the content you might like. But when the Internet matured and the amount of information exploded, the portals just couldn’t sort it for you anymore. They were to simply too dumb.  So you started using search engines, and soon Google was the new starting point for the internet population.

Now we believe this is all changing again, and that social is becoming the new starting point. We don’t mean that Facebook or Twitter are the starting points, but the recommendation behaviour. Recommendations are the new way of finding what you want. It can be your friends on Facebook saying that something is awesome (or really bad), the tweets and re-tweets making you interested in learning more, or it can be the Sprinkle recommendations that you find underneath articles in media or blogs. So by saying that the new starting point on the Internet is “social”, we actually mean that “recommendations” is the new starting point. Got it?