The tide is rising, are you onboard?

By April 20, 2015Uncategorized

Photo: Bestfor / Richard

In the realm of digital publishing 3 distinct camps are emerging:

  • VIRAL SITES that shamelessly cater to the publics undying love for cat videos, lists the fickle promise of something spectacular under the «you wont believe what happens when…»headlines
  • NEWS SITES targeting the wider audiences with local and / or international attention grabbing headlines from sports to politics and financials.
  • NICHE PUBLICATIONS with expert insights into one specific area of life  – from fashion bloggers to car websites and / or soccer clubs.

As previously mentioned in another post the behavioral habits of most internet users limits traffic to a handful of sites on a daily average. Viewing habits are hard to change and attracting new users and reducing churn onsite is becoming the number one priority for most publishers.

Get on a users radar and attract them to YOUR piece of content  – and make them stick, right?

This challenge is not new, and the answer to the challenge has a name: it’s called marketing!

If you are in the business of attracting users to your content and influence them to keep coming back for more it’s actually called content marketing…

If you’re an advertiser hoping to attract viewers to your content and create a sales funnel  – or if you are an online editor of a publication hoping to attract readers and make them subscribe to your site or grab their attention again and again, the rules are pretty much the same. It’s a battle for attention that triggers a response.

Sprinkle works across a partnership network of 300+ websites in multiple countries and this is the problem we address millions of times per day.

If you follow this blog you’ll know that we believe in combining behavioral data, social patterns and contextual analysis of content. We use these parameters in our algorithms to recommend content to users and measure our own performance on the interaction we create. What we’ve learned we share with our partners and customers and in turn they, you, continuously improve the content we present to readers –  and so we improve together. Whatever «camp»you belong to we want to help you attract users, grow your publication and enriched your users experience.

The rising tide lifts all boats…