We dare you to dare us

By June 18, 2015Uncategorized

Howdy reader! Last week Sprinkle gathered parts of its team in the lovely city of Amsterdam. The agenda was a two day seminar on the future of our company that is growing fast. Very fast!!

Sprinkle works in a fast moving media landscape and is now well established in a number of European countries + moving into new, far flung markets. As a company we’ve grown not only in terms of reach and volume, but also in people. This growth comes with opportunities but also challenges. While we’re still a “small” company we’re experiencing the same growing pains that others have before us when it comes to aligning our resources, enabling communication and reporting and building a unified understanding of WHY we do what we do, and HOW we do it across a very uneven playing field, market by market.

We’re constantly challenging our partners and customers to look at their communications strategy, their storytelling abilities and their distribution. But how are we performing ourselves when we’re faced with these challenges?

The simple answer: we don’t have the blueprint for this either (damn it).

What we DO have though is a vast, expanding network of stories. Published articles, user generated content, professionally polished stories and a massive amount of videos… What if Sprinkle could distill all of this into a pattern and apply it to our own expansion? We know more about what, where and how content is being used across the web than any other player in our market. We’re developing our algorithms to predict the future reading preferences of millions of readers and we’re leveraging our insights and learnings to grow an entire industry.

Here is our promise: Sprinkle will not simply preach, we will practice! We will not only tell: we will show!

Our ambition: To thrive so that we can demonstrate! If we can be the organisation that continues to attract interest, talent, expansion and learning – we can keep working to develop our product and position and through this help our partners thrive!

To do this we need your help! We have a pretty clear understanding about what it is we’re doing and why. But are we aligned?? Sprinkle is only as good as our partners and customers want us to be – so let’s work together! Give us your challenges and we will not only rise to meet them – we will learn from it and use that learning to predict the future of your industry!! Our relationship to the market is that of “partner”. Our performance equals the improved performance of our publishers and of our clients. This is the core of our concept.

So here is my request to you: Dare me to think bigger! To understand how we can tune our product and organisation I need to talk to you about the obstacles you are facing. Delivering qualified distribution based on data, context and interest is at the heart of what we do – but we can do more, and we want to!!

My email adress is: rickard.lawson@sprinklecontent.com I’m country manager in Norway and damn proud of it. We are probably only a few minutes away from you in terms of representation – and if not, well the world is a very small place now! I can’t wait to hear from you!