We picked up these advices from trevor fellows

By September 29, 2014Uncategorized

We picked up these advices from Trevor Fellows, Global head of advertising at The Wall Street Journal, and added a few comments.

1. Get aligned
Why are you doing native advertising? What is the essence of it? At Sprinkle we often tell our customers that native is about telling, not selling and understanding what the potential customers want, not what you as an advertiser want to communicate

2. Act quickly
The speed of content creation has increased due to several factors, one is that the audience can interact quickly to what you are saying, and when they do react, respond and be prepared for it. Another thing is that you can try to ride on what is happening around you and your customers, for example what´s happening in the news, try to pick it up and use it as a leverage

3. Make it interesting
When you get a persons attention, clicking on your link and they come to your native ad, what then? It is not always about conversion but it should always be there as a metric. Our tips are: make it funny, make it useful or make it provocative.

4. Amplify
Once you have great piece of content, the key is to get it out in front of people. That´s when you call Sprinkle, but, we rather see you sending us 10-15 pieces of content at a smaller budgets than a huge one promoting one piece of content. If you don´t fancy that, buy a display ad and hope for the best.

5. Measure
What metrics are important? The number of people that have seen that you are looking for their attention? The number that actually clicks on it? We say it is about the engagement they put into your content, time spent and conversion to different sorts of additional actions. This is hard, but it will be even harder for you if you don´t measure and measure again the next time to see if you are doing a good jo