What marketeers can expect from 2015

By December 22, 2014Uncategorized

2014 became the year when even the most stubborn and reactionary fools agreed that the dogmatic truths of the established media industry were out-dated.

Consumers declared that they couldn’t care less who created their content – as long as it was good, engaging and mobile first. Linear TV became the domain of the ageing population and the long format storytelling concept of series and in-depth articles proved it was not only more popular than ever, but just keeps getting better.

As we come to the end of a very exciting year, its time for some 2015 predictions.

Here at sprinkle we believe that the coming year will be:

  • The year of data driven distribution. Mass marketing approaches are proving as inefficient as they are expensive and simply not delivering on anyone’s goals anymore. “Contextual”, “relevant” and “engaging” will simply kick “annoying” and “disruptive” in the butt all over 2015.
  • The year media stopped developing advertising formats. Just as the 30 second and print ad was never initiated by an advertiser – but rather the brain child of a media magnate with a need for cash, so too was the display ad, the pre-mid-and post roll of online video or in-video pop-up thought of by someone with a format to sell.  Advertisers are no longer limited to piggybacking on the media reach to tell their stories, as proven by social, search and content marketing campaigns of 2014
  • The year Publishing became the New Marketing. Driven by great stories, alluring plotlines and rewarding interactions – brands will take the plunge and become the content centric producers they have the potential to be. They have the money, the opportunity and the fan base – and they will seize the opportunity
  • The year of utility. As brands themselves dictate formats and data driven reach is at the core of distribution – consumers will no longer be satisfied by simplistic entertainment. Making consumers happy is just the beginning of the relationship. Providing real, life-enhancing experiences will be the key differentiator and thus, the core of great stories and experiences.

We don’t dare guess who will be the driving seat when the changes come to life – but we know Sprinkle will be at the heart of the story and making sure it reaches our unique Nordic network of publishers and partners.

Happy 2015!