Why creating a content strategy is a lot like cooking

By June 9, 2015Uncategorized

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“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing”
― Julia Child

Creating a content strategy is a lot like cooking. A good chef typically experiments with a recipe, tweaking the ingredients or changing different steps of the process slightly until the food tastes as good as it possibly can. It happens to be the same when it comes to content.

Creating engaging and attractive content is a lot of hard work. But it’s worth it! The big question is what kind of ingredients and flavors your content needs to make your customers’ taste buds go wild.

Creating a content strategy is all about iteration.
You can’t measure the results based on a test with a single article or video. Does a chef stop cooking after a failure with one dish? Of course not! You have to try different dishes, listen to your customers, learn and adapt.

It’s a process of finding the right content that works for the right audience, in a certain medium at the right time. And this process might take a while. But so what?

When you find a strategy that works for you, nothing beats the results of great content marketing. So don’t judge a content strategy based on a single test and then make conclusions if the strategy worked or not. Then you’re just a horrible content chef!

So what can you do?

Follow these six steps to find your successful content strategy!

  1. Create — Create content that you truly believe will engage your audience
  2. Distribute — Distribute your content to a broad or targeted audience
  3. Optimize — Optimize continuously during the campaign
  4. Measure — Measure the results and effects of the campaign
  5. Learn — Take notes, make conclusions and LEARN!
  6. Do it all over again — Follow these steps until you find a successful content strategy!