Spot the fake news!

By May 23, 2017

1. Fake or not?

This is a fake article. There are thousands of sites that try to look like established news sites and some of them look quite professional. So how do you spot them? One way is of course toto look at logo, layout etc. Does it really look professional? But the easiest way is often to examine the url. If anything strange is happening after the .com in the adress, be aware. Like this site for example that has Link:

2. Fake or not?

This is a fake article What is the topic of the article? If it is too outlandish, it might be satire. Research the site and author to be sure. There are lots of websites that spread false articles and headlines for the sake of humour. The union is one of the biggest ones. Some of the sites disclose that they are satire but some do not. Link:

3. Fake or not?

This is a true article POLITICO is a renowned award winning publication in the US. If you are not sure about if something is true or a good way is to check the publication up on sites like Wikipedia and other sources.

4. Fake or not?

This is a fake article When looking at a headline. Try to question yourself - is it very surprising or crazy? Does it create an intense feeling of anger, fear or hope in you? Do you feel that you really want the information to be true or false? Dig a bit deeper and read more than the headline. Could this be true. Serious media are usually (not always) trying to give a balanced picture overall while the sites behind fake news does not.

5. Fake or not?

This is a true article Even surprising stories can be true. Independent is a renowned publication with numerous awards for their journalism. But always be careful even established media gets fooled sometimes so double check the fact from multiple sources if you want to be really sure. Only one question left and then we'll give you your media type. Länk:

6. Fake and not?

Also social media accounts tries to look like real news sites. A quick, but not bullet proof, way to checka an account up is to look at the number of followers it has. The fake ones usually only have a few thousands whilst the biggest media sites have millions. OBS! Two pictures: 1. 2.