GDPR Compliant Impression Tracking

Detailed Information How We Track Impressions

GDPR Compliant Impression Tracking with Strossle


  • We have changed how we do impression tracking in order to be GDPR compliant
  • Some third party suppliers (like Adform) might have problems getting the right statistics right now, we are working on that.
  • Meanwhile, you can access the statistics through Strossle Marketplace, talk to your contact person if you don’t have an account already.

More detailed information

Since GDPR went into full effect May 25th 2018, we’ve taken a number extra measures to prevent any leakage of personal data from publishers to third-party suppliers. Therefore, we’ve changed how we at Strossle carry out impression tracking of ads.

Traditionally, impression tracking has been done with a pixel that gives third-party companies the IP address of a user, which allows the company to count the number of impressions for that particular ad. This method is not compliant with GDPR, as we cannot guarantee that the third-party company handles the user data in a correct way once we have provided it.

Server-side Impression Tracking

In making GDPR compliance a priority, we’ve changed how we track ad impressions. We now send impression data via our own servers, allowing us to remove personal data from the impression statistics before it ever reaches third parties. The difference is that third parties will no longer be able to see who the user is because all impressions will be reported from our own IP addresses here at Strossle. By placing ourselves in the middle, we can provide the number of impressions an ad is receiving while safeguarding our users’ personal data.

You pay per click

It is worth to mention that as a Strossle client, you don’t pay per impression, you pay per click. And the click statistics can be collected the same way as before GDPR.


All IP addresses of users are removed and replaced with our own servers’ IPs when we send impressions data from our servers to third parties. Some third-party impression trackers might discard these impressions as suspicious activity or spam, which could result in our IPs being blacklisted in the statistics. In this case, the third-party provider has to whitelist our IP addresses to get the correct impression statistics.

Other ways to get your impression data

If you experience problems in getting impression data from your third-party suppliers, log in to your Strossle Dashboard to get all the statistics you need. You can contact a person at Strossle to help you to set up an account if you haven’t got one already.

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