Empowering content

We analyse and promote stories to turn every pageview into a personalised media experience

Strossle is highly personalized  recommendations

We are best at showing the right content to the right person at the right time
More page views per visitor

We help your users find the most relevant content.

New visitors

We promote your best performing content in our network.

New revenues

We provide native ads from premium brands.

Traffic to native ads

Leverage your publisher brand with Strossle’s reach.

Before Strossle

Usually you handle advertising through a lot of different agencies and systems, resulting in a cluttered website not appreciated by the visitor.

With Strossle

Our recommendations widget sits adjacent to your articles, providing bespoke content suggestions for your users. Exact position, size and design can be tailored for your site.

Optimize your website with Strossle widgets

Our widgets are customized to fit the publisher’s design, architecture and demands. All widgets are swipeable to provide your users with an infinite amount of inspiration. And of course, everything is designed for mobile and desktop.

Promote your content to the right visitors on top sites

Strossle’s platform is optimized for distribution of native ads. For companies publishing branded content, Strossle offers the most natural way to promote stories and drive traffic from a huge network of news media, special interest publishers and bloggers.

Strossle helps us drive traffic effectively within the site and generate revenues. We work closely together to constantly improve the product.

Tomas de SouzaSydsvenskan

Strossle Visitor Accelerator is a great complement to Facebook. The visitors consume more they stay longer and have a lower bounce rate.

Fredrik LundbergNews 55

Strossle is one of the best distribution channels we have used for our content and we will use them regularly from now.

Nicklas MattssonConfederation of Swedish Enterprise

We are here to make publishers future proof

We know that media production and consumption are fragmenting. We know that advertisers struggle to find relevant reach and impact. Let’s use the smartest possible technologies to solve those challenges together!

What we can help you achieve

More page views per visitor | New revenues from Native Ads | God looking Web & UI Design | Standing out in the crowd

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Optimize your website

Strossle widget is free to start on both mobile and desktop. Place a our script and you are done! It only takes minutes.

Promote your content

Give us a url and we place your content in front of the right people in a native context. Only pay for what you get!