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Confessions of a Chief Digital Officer: “We Put The Least Read Articles Behind The Paywall-and Yes, it Was a Mistake”

Chief Digital Officers–are they the new emperors, or are they just alibis for CEOs’ who prefer to continue with business as usual? Strossle’s Dan Willstrand met Robin Govik, CDO at Mittmedia, one of Scandinavia’s most progressive local media houses. Anyone who listened to his popular keynote about robot journalism at SXSW in Austin would agree: Robin Govik is a man who makes digital happen.

5 Great Sites When You Need Free Photos (or Videos) for Your Digital Campaign

At Strossle, we’re experts in finding the right readers for your content. We also know how hard it can be as content creator to generate all that great content. Even when the themes are set and the articles and guides are written, you still need the right photos and images to grab your reader’s attention. It’s no surprise that great photos really matter when it comes to distributing content to readers. The right photo can increase the click-through rate to your content by more than 400%.