Microsoft News Chooses Strossle

Microsoft News is launching a partnership with Strossle to increase revenue, with the help of Strossle’s quality native ads.

Strossle is one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies. With a technology platform that helps publishers recommend the right content and ads to the right users.

“We are very happy that Microsoft News (MSN) has chosen us as a partner. They have an amazing reach that we want to help them to maximize the value of. We are particularly pleased that our ability to deliver quality advertisers was crucial in the selection process” says Head of Publisher relations, Rickard Lawson at Strossle.

“Microsoft News is making big investments in native advertising in the Nordics and we see the partnership with Strossle as a great opportunity to expand our native offering and to serve our users with qualitative native ads with high local relevance”, says Jaakko Saini, Microsoft News Nordic lead.

Today, Strossle collaborates with a majority of the publishing houses in the Nordics and give users more than three billion content recommendations in ten countries every month. The business was founded in 2013 and currently has 50 employees in 11 countries.

For more information contact:

Rickard Lawson, Head of Publisher Relations
+47 916 01 203

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