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Content marketing slår search

Østrigs Turistbureau er overrasket: Effektiv distribution af content via platformen Strossle har givet bedre resultater, end search-investeringerne tidligere gjorde.

“Älskling jag krympte vår sajt!”

Självklart är ni ett framåtblickande och dynamiskt mediehus som använder den senaste tekniken. Ni har just utökat er ledningsgrupp med en CDO…

Strossle vill hjälpa medierna att ta tillbaka makten från Facebook

Bolaget lanserar nu en ny tjänst som ska hjälpa publicister och webbmedier att driva besökare till varandra.

Efter Sprinkles köp av Saplo – nu ska Strossle växa i Malmö

Sprinkle, som har utvecklat en tjänst för nyhetssajter att sprida artiklar, växer i Malmö.

Fact sheet

Strossle was founded in Sweden in 2013 by a team of entrepreneurs with an extensive media background. Our shared perception was that our industry was losing ground with its conservative view on technology and business models. Instead of embracing new distribution and business opportunities, media companies tried to lock users into their own channels and increase the amount of intrusive display ad formats that users had to sit through.
Strossles mission is to help publishers out of this negative spiral and become future-proof. By using Strossle’s machine learning technologies for distribution, publishers can:
Make sure every user is presented to an optimal mix of content – resulting in higher engagement.

Attract new users by promoting content in Strossle’s publisher network. Leverage their premium environments and generate new revenues by offering native advertisers extended reach.

These values have clearly resonated with publishers. Since launch Strossle has had an average monthly growth rate of 20%, and now we’re going global with our way of thinking. Today the company has offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Madrid, Bratislava, Budapest and Milan. And there’s more to come.

Press Releases

November 8, 2017

Aller Media chooses Strossle

June 13, 2017

Leo Heijbel new Head of Marketing at Strossle

January 27, 2017

Strossle is the winner of a 2016 Native Advertising Awards

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