Sprinkle launches in Holland.

The content recommendation and syndication platform Sprinkle has decided to open its first office in Amsterdam, Holland. Local manager is Eric Ariens, who most recently was Director Digital Publishing at Sanoma

Sprinkle, launched in Sweden in February 2013, is a platform for recommendations and syndication of articles and video content. In just 18 months, more than 200 publishers in Sweden and Norway have implemented Sprinkle on their websites. Now the company has decided to accelerate the international expansion with the opening of an office in Amsterdam, to serve Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

- The amazing results we've seen in the Nordics gave us the guts to take this overseas. Our platform is scalable and we believe that our combination of recommendations and syndication gives us a competitive advantage, says Magnus Hultman, CEO of Sprinkle.

Eric Ariëns will be in charge of the new Sprinkle office. He worked in the (digital) media industry since 1988 as a publishing director and managing director. In his last position he was Director Digital Publishing at Sanoma for 20 digital brands including Nu.nl, Autoweek, Vrouwonline, Insidegamer and Libelle.

- We see that publishers worldwide are struggling with the same challenges: increasing the number of page views, providing readers with more content and increasing digital revenues. Sprinkle provides an automated way to solve this in an editorial way, for which also publishers in Holland have shown interest, says Eric Ariëns.

Eric Ariëns (1963) has been working in the media industry since 1988. He started his first digital projects in 1997 for VNU, Libelle.nl and Autoweek.nl. He has extensive experience in the field of (digital) marketing management, publishing and general management.

About Sprinkle

Sprinkle is a platform for recommendations and syndication of articles and videos for digital publishers. Based on context, social sharing and user behavior, we ensure that the recommendations are as relevant as possible for each individual. Revenues come from advertising, mainly pre-rolls and native ads. Today Sprinkle is implemented with over 200 publishers and has a reach of approximately 5 million unique visitors per week. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo and Amsterdam

For further information, please contact:

Magnus Hultman, CEO Sprinkle,
tel: 070-600 46 88
email: magnus.hultman@sprinklecontent.com

Eric Ariëns, Country Manager Sprinkle Benelux BV
tel: +31 655 720 307
email: eric.ariens@sprinklecontent.com