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Increase user engagement

Strossle helps publishers to attract new visitors, increase page views, and generate more revenue. Our platform use algorithms and data to make sure visitors are exposed to the right content and the right ads in the right context. This is often referred to as Content Discovery. And it comes with revenue.


Become a part of the publisher network

By joining our Visitor Accelerator you get a fantastic way to drive new visitors to your content. Our algoritms constantly promotes you best content across our entire network of premium publishers. All you have to do in return is to give a little traffic back to them.

  • Get more traffic back than you send away.
  • Greatly extend the reach of your content.
  • Obtain targeting possibilities for your specific needs.


Publisher benefits
New Unique Users

We increase your reach by recommending your best content in our network of premium publishers
More Pageviews

Relevance through data driven targeting makes visitors stay longer and go deeper.
Better Monetization

We promote Content Marketing from premium brands, and extend the audience for your own Native Ads.

Strossle on any device

Our recommendation widgets are customized to fit publishers’ unique design, architecture and demands. All widgets are swipeable to provide your users with an infinite amount of inspiration. And of course, everything is responsive, for an optimal experience on any device.

Patented recommendation technology

Strossle has a unique patented technology that transforms any piece of text to understandable user profiles. Everything is then optimized using machine learning to give users media content they want to consume. And best of all, the technology is language independent and fully automated.


"Strossle Visitor Accelerator is a great complement to Facebook. The visitors consume more they stay longer and have a lower bounce rate"

Fredrik LundbergNews 55

Strossle value summary

Customized recommendation widgets for all platforms

New visitors to your sites

Means to leverage your native ad business

Valuable insights in user behaviour and performance data

Online and offline support from a highly dedicated team

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