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Disruption for media companies Our Robot Understands Your Content - That Can Do Magic For You!

Strossle provides media companies with technologies and solutions disrupting old media models. Our magic sauce is a deep understanding of how different kinds of content relate to each other. Based on machine learning we predict which content people are most likely to consume, at any given moment. This knowledge we have deployed in a wide array of products for publishers.

Content Recommendations Make Sure People Find Your Content

World Class Content Discovery built on predictive analysis. No tagging, no guessing, no human mistakes. Just super relevant recommendations based on millions of observations. Your visitors deserve it!

Native Advertising Maximize Revenues From the Only Ads People Like

There are reasons Native Advertising is the world’s fastest growing ad format. Native ads tell stories and they don’t interrupt. But they’re difficult to scale. Strossle’s platform allows publishers to optimize inventory for true native. And it will boost your revenues through sponsored recommendations from Strossle’s vast network of premium brands.

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Accelerator Traffic Exchange Reduce Your Dependence on Search and Social

Strossle’s platform allows media outlets to share and cherish users in an eco-system of quality media. Let your readers find the best articles on other media sites. And get engaged new readers in return. Yet again, this cross promotion technique is based on intelligent recommendations. But you control who you want to share traffic with. It’s time to reclaim the digital ad spend from Facebook and Google.

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GDPR Compliant Advertising

GDPR Publishers

At Strossle, we’ve decided to apply a strict view on how to interpret the GDPR when designing our widgets to guarantee that we are 100% /../

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